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Written by david on 3. März 2016

Welcome to the next generation ultitech. You might have noticed our new overall design; within the last couple months, we've worked tirelessly on cleaning up our website and creating a new logo. We're happy with the results and hope you enjoy them as well. With our improved design, it makes it easier for you to find, download, and play our games. All of our projects will be hosted open-source on github under the zlib license. Feel free to try out one of our demos or fork them and include them into your own project.

GLBike is now LBike

Written by david on 8. Oktober 2014

Today we made the decision to move on from using our own uEngine to Unreal Engine 4. This decision did not come lightly, but it will help us focus on finishing our game. Our naming conventions use GL as a prefix for all our projects made with our uEngine, as a result GLBike will be called LBike from now own.

Developer Diary: July

Written by david on 11. Juli 2013

Last month we were busy implementing more features into the OpenGL 3 renderer. Just today we finished up post-processing, that means blur, bloom, and more crazy effects are coming to GLBike soon. Due to our busy schedule, we have to postpone our naming contest until further notice.
Below you can find some screenshots including our new dynamic scoreboard. It will update the scores in real-time while you're playing.

Developer Diary: June

Written by david on 7. Juni 2013

This month GLBike hosted the first closed alpha test and successfully finished our first tournament with a clear winner. All the feedback and suggestions we got will be used to improve the game in the future.
GLBike received some more detailed scenery with cars, bikes and trains now driving and flying around the city. We achieved this by implementing a Bezier based interpolation engine which can directly use Blender's Curve objects to simulate object movement.

Developer Diary: May

Written by luckyxxl on 5. Mai 2013

Let's start with some reports from the coding team and finish with design progress.

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